Simple Christmas Ideas


Decorating your house for Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. The slump in economy has made the upcoming Christmas season less festive. But don’t let that stop you from having a beautiful home! There are many ways to make your house look like Santa came and stayed even with little budget. Here are some clever ideas:

1. DIY Christmas decor can be a fun family activity. It gets everyone in a holiday mood. Try collecting pinecones and dip it in gold and silver paint.  These pinecones can be used as table toppers or ornaments to hang on your tree.

2. Fill places in your house that look dull with Christmas lights.

3. Make your own wreaths by bending greenery into a circle and tying together.

4. Display Christmas cards you’ve received over the years by the fireplace.

5. Use Christmas wrappers and frame it. This will add accents to the walls.

6. Create cute stocking decorations using red simple felt paper. Get your kids to decorate their own.

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